Man​-​Man (Superhero Song)

by Rich Stokes

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When he was young he was just a boy
but when he grew up he became... man-man!
A new kind of hero with nearly all the abilities of one man
In one man
And that man…
Was Man-man!)

He can fry an egg with a frying pan
With a recipe he can bake a flan
With a can opener he can open a can
He could pick up a chair if he used both hands- man-man!

You need something done that anyone can do? Man-man can!
Like open a jar or lace a shoe? Man man can!

If he bought a van he could drive a van
If he booked a flight he could fly to Japan
When he’s in the sun he gets a tan
He can swim in the sea, he can stand on land- he’s man-man, he’s just a man

You’re thinking this is not a new kind of hero,
What about Batman, he’s just a man with no superpowers
But Batman has trained himself to the point of physical perfection

You say what about Iron Man, he’s just a man with no superpowers
But Iron Man’s a genius playboy billionaire philanthropist
Who’s built himself a flying suit of armour which gives a certain amount of protection

And yes I know it’s the same in Alan Moore’s Watchmen
Dr Manhatten has special abilities, the rest have none
But if Man-Man was in a comic (or graphic novel) and had to fight crime now and then
He would be dead before you reached the end of page one!

Cos man-man is just a man, just a…
D’you understand? he has no useful skills or any grand master plan

He’s just a man


released July 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Rich Stokes Birmingham, UK

Birmingham-based singer-songwriter raised on Bob Dylan and Monty Python.

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